Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Dog Walkers take action

Dog Walker Ellish Culley said
"Most dog walkers clean up after their dogs but there are some people who believe that because the beach is "natural" there is no need to pick up after their pets which has led to a large amount of dog mess in this area which is very off putting for residents and visitors alike so we have decided to tackle this problem ourselves by having a volunteer beach tidy day. We are asking dog walkers who use this area to come and clean up on Saturday 28th February from 10:30am to 12:30. We hope that if the area is cleared of litter and dog mess people will get the message that they need to keep it clean by collecting any mess left by their dogs and not dropping litter.

Councillor Sue McGuire said
"Anybody is welcome to join us in this and we hope that by publising the event we will be sending a very clear message to dog walkers from across Southport that they have a responsibility to pick up after their pets."

New Bins to tackle dog mess & litter

Following action by councillor Sue McGuire the council have installed 5 new bins in the area around the beach entrance at Weld Road and along the Velvet Trail in an attempt to combat the problem of dog fouling in the area.

Council U turn at beach entrance

Local residents and dog walkers are pleased that following action by councillor Sue McGuire the council have re-opened a section of the beach car park at Weld Road. Following a number of meetings between dog walkers , Lib Dem Councillor Sue McGuire and council officers the council have moved the barriers which allows cars to be parked on a section fo the beach. They have also erecetd new signs which warn drivers that the beach is uneven and drivers park there at their own responsibility.

Councillor Sue McGuire explained
"I'm really pleased that the council have reconsidered their decision here - this section of beach is used by so many people it makes sense to give them an area to park their cars."

Carmel cleans up at the Fog Bell

Councillor Carmel Preston has taken action to clean up the Fog Bell following reports from residents that the site had been targetted by vandals.

As Carmel explained
"This is a permanent reminder to everyone of the heritage of our area and so its important to repect the site. "

Sunday, 15 February 2009

This is a short video that shows the bog hole channel that runs along Southport Beach. It also shows the advance of Spartina grass along the banks of the channel as silt is deposited here from the Ribble estuary. The video also includes shots of the channel dating back from 1836 to 2009. The video was made by Liberal Democrat Councillor Sue McGuire who represents Cambridge Ward in Southport

Saturday, 14 February 2009

New Chief Executive visits Churchill Avenue

Councillor Carmel Preston took the new Chief Executive of Sefton Council to visit the newly let shops on Churchill Avenue. During the visit Councillor Preston explained to Margaret Carney how replacing empty shops with new businesses had helped to improve the whole look and feel of the area.

As Carmel commented "With the units full the graffiti and vandalism has stopped and it really gives the area a new lease of life."

New Chief Executive visits Marshside Primary School

Counillors Sue McGuire and Carmel Preston stopped off at Marshside Primary school to introduce the new chief executive of Sefton Council to Tony McCoy the new head teacher at Marshside Primary School.

As Sue explains "It was a great opportunity to show the Chief Executive around the primary school which is currently undergoing some building work - Maragret was really impressed by the new entrance hall which has some fantatic pictures of the pupils and staff."

Visit to area with new Chief Executive

Councillors Carmel Preston and Sue McGuire took the new chief executive of Sefton Council, Margaret Carney, on a trip around cambridge ward. The councillors visited a wide range of locations including the former sand winning plant.

As Carmel explained "It was a great opportunity to show Margaret all the different areas that make up our area. Whilst we were at the sandwinning car park Margaret had the chance to speak to a group pf bird watchers who were visiting the area from Sheffield - I think this really made it clear to Margaret just how important the RSPB site at Marshside as a location for migrating and overwintering birds."