Friday, 8 April 2011

Phone Mast Application S/2011/0362

An application seeking planning permission to erect a mobile phone mast within the grounds of the Fleetwood Hesekth Sports & Social Club has been submitted  to Sefton Council.

The application is to install a 12.5m high slim line monopole supporting 6 antennas would be sited behind the current conifer hedge along Fylde Road. Click here to view the application in full and enter S/2011/0362.

We have demanded, and made sure,  that this planning application is properly considered by the full Sefton Council planning committee of councillors because of concerns expressed by some local residents.  The meeting takes place on 4th May at Southport Town Hall at 6.30pm.

To object, write to Sefton Council’s Planning Department, Magdalen House, 30 Trinity Road, Bootle L20 3NJ or use the on-line comments form. The deadline for receipt of objections is 10am Thursday 28th April however given the Bank Holiday weekend and the Easter break the sooner objections are received the better. A petition from a minimum of 25 residents and signed/supported by a local councillor (which we, of course, would agree to do) gives one of the petitioners the opportunity to speak for 5 minutes at the planning committee meeting.

We should tell you, in all honesty, that the legally valid reasons for turning down such an application are limited. Councillors on the Planning Committee are required to work within national planning legislation. For example, health concerns are technically not lawful reasons for rejection, although that does not, of course, stop you saying what you feel. Issues worth mentioning include things like loss of visual amenity overbearing nature of the mast and, of course, anything that you personally think is important.

It would be misleading of us to suggest or forecast the outcome or build up hopes of refusal given the fact that whatever the planning committee decides, the phone company usually appeals and an independent Planning Inspector subsequently gives permission. And that decision is final with no further right of appeal.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Crocus Walk 2011

The annual Crocus Walk for Charity Breakthrough Breastcancer was a great success.

It was a good turnout despite the fact that the weather wasn't quite as glorious as it had been the rest of last week. Since it began nine years ago the event has raised more than £16,000.

We are in the process of collecting the final bits of sponsorship money, and will let you know the final amount raised soon.

I do need to apologise to the people who lost their balloons due to my inability to tie string to things. Its one skill I really need to hone!