Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Race is On




The following is a statement as to the persons nominated for election as Councillors for the



The following persons have been nominated:

Candidate’s Surname

Other Names in full

Home Address in full

Description (if any)

Name of Proposer

Decision of Returning Officer that Nomination Paper is invalid


Jacqueline Anne

14 Hall Street



The Southport Party

Sylvia M. Kokolay


Jamie Philip

7 Allerton Road



The Conservative Party Candidate

Thomas Glover


Muriel Annie

108 Lytham Road




The Labour Party Candidate

Ian Bryden



29 Lymington Grove


L30 6YF

British National Party Local People First

Robert Bayliff



26 Park Avenue



Liberal Democrats

Jonathan D. Wegh

With nominations now official and political literature hitting the doorstep, it's time to start thinking about who you're planning to vote for come May 6th (or earlier for those with postal votes).

According to the official list of nominations, right-wing voters in Cambridge will be spoilt for choice as they cast their ballot. However, I am hopeful, that come May 7th we find the British National Party candidate finishes last. The people of Cambridge Ward believe in hope, not in hate, and party based on hate is something that can never benefit this country. Cambridge ward voters will see through the racism, negativeness and the genuine dislike of a large percentage of people, to vote for the candidate who has worked tirelessly and for the prosperity of, the people here.

Your local Liberal Democrat Councillor has been a force for good on Sefton Council, from the fight to retain temporary town centre library services, action to improve road safety in the area and her continuing work to have childrens health services returned to Southport. With a record of action that includes:

  • Installation of 2 speed warning signs to tackle speeding motorists on Fylde Road and Marshside Road
  • Installation of 3 pedestrian islands on Fylde Road, Park Crescent and Roe Lane
  • Review of the Gritting Policy to include roads & pavements around schools
  • A change in council policy to provide improved support to local businesses
  • A change to hospital policy on patient discharge
  • A change of Sefton NHS policy regarding handling of controlled drugs
  • Getting Sefton Council to sign up to the 10:10 climate change campaign

Sue McGuire is the local candidate. Sue McGuire is the right choice.

Vote for the candidate with a record of positive action in the ward. Vote for the Lib Dem promise of more.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Don’t Miss Out on Your Vote

We are all worried about the future, our community and our families. Some of us are concerned about terrorism, Iraq or global warming. Others, about things closer to home such as crime, hospitals and traffic issues. Everyone, though, looks to our elected representatives to help find solutions to these problems, big or small.

Your right to vote is precious and you will have two elections to vote in very shortly, one for your John Pugh who is standing to be your Member of Parliament and one for your local councillor. Sue McGuire is standing for re-election in this area, having served as your Councillor four years since being first elected in 2006.

Your votes will be valuable in both elections since the contests in Southport, and in this part of Southport, in particular, are always very close.

Last dates to register for postal votes are rapidly approaching. If you require a postal vote, or would like to be added to the electoral register, please get in touch NOW with the Southport Liberal Democrats on 01704 533555 or pop into our office at 35 Shakespeare Street, Southport, PR85AB.

Prioritising Road Safety

Local residents will be all too aware of the on-going issues with parking on Links Avenue.

Your local Councillor, Sue McGuire, has spent the last 4 years trying to get something done to improve the situation which includes limited vehicle access to the area and the road being too narrow to provide off- road parking for everybody.

Sue McGuire asked Council Officers to look at possible options which could address this situation. These ideas include reducing the width of the pavement to make the road wider, or to create small independent parking lay-byes, by restructuring the areas around the raised flower bed to create defined parking areas, or even possibly removing the raised flower bed itself. Council Officers are currently getting quotations for the above works, however, all of the options are likely to prove expensive and so may not be undertaken for sometime.

Lib Dem Councillor, Sue McGuire, said of the situation, “Needless to say, I am very disappointed at this on-going delay and as a resident of the area, I know from first-hand experience just how dangerous this section of road can be, especially when icy. I give residents my word that something will be done here.”

The Liberal Democrats guarantee we will continue to fight for something to be done to improve road safety in this area.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Painting the Town Yellow

On Tuesday Gordon Brown finally got himself to the palace and fired the starting gun!

This was our cue to get stuck into a crucial part of the campaign: poster boards. When you are so involved in preparations and anticipation of an election its easy to forget that many people aren't, and that posters and canvassing play a crucial part in making people aware that the countdown to decision time has really begun.

Its encouraging when the lists of people wanting posters grows. As are the beeps of support from passing cars. Very heartening to hear when balanced precariously with a hammer on top on a pair of slightly wonky stepladders!