Monday, 23 November 2009

Lighting Columns Update

Although many of the street lights in this area have been replaced, there are still a number of the old cast iron type which are showing signs of rust and deterioration.

Your Lib Dem team have asked for these lights to be be replaced as well .
As Carmel Preston explained “The Council have told me that they hope to replace the remaining cast iron lamps in Avondale Road during the summer of 2010. I am asking for all lamps here to be included”

Community Action has an Impact

A large number of residents raised concerns about the proposed purchase of 43 Avondale Road by Pastor Peter Cunningham of Green Pastures Limited. Over 170 residents signed a petition supported by Cllr Sue McGuire which objected to the purchase on the grounds that another house of multi occupancy or HMO in this section of Southport would have a negative impact on residents and on local businesses in the area.

At a public meeting, which was attended by Andrew Cunningham of Green Pastures, the residents voiced their concerns and as a result of this Green Pastures have reviewed their plans for the property.

Councillor Sue McGuire, who has worked with residents on this issue, said “I am delighted that Green Pastures will not now be using 43 Avondale Road as a house of multi-occupancy and although their plan is still to purchase this property Andrew Cunningham has assured me that they have no intention of using this address for accommodation. As ward councillor I will, be monitoring any and all developments at this address.”,

Working to tidy Footpath no.7 on Fleetwood Road

Recently, a number of residents have contacted the Lib Dem Team about the state of the public footpaths in this area.

Working with North Meols Civic Society and youngsters from Stanley High School, Cllr Sue McGuire gave a helping hand to litter pick and widen footpath no 7 which runs from Fleetwood Road to the bank on Hesketh Golf Links.

As Sue says, “I really enjoyed working with the youngsters – they just got stuck in to get the job done. I hope the regular path users will appreciate the effort the children put in.”

Fog Bell Update

As previously reported, Councillor Sue McGuire has been working with the North Meols Civic Society on a project to renovate the Fog Bell on Marshside Road.

Sue explains:"After some research I discovered that the Fog Bell building is owned by One Vision Housing and I am pleased that, following a meeting between Ken Bridge of North Meols Civic Society, the Area Manager for One Vision Housing and myself, One Vision have agreed to fund the refurbishment of the wooden eaves and also repair the roof. This is a really positive step forward."

Ken and Sue also helped youngsters from Stanley School clean up the building and surrounding area as part of their Community Cohesion activities.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Taking action on overhhanging hedges

Your Lib Dem team are taking action to tackle overhanging tress and hedges around our area.

Councillor Carmel Preston says “Overhanging branches are a danger to pedestrians. Its important that householders take care to prune any hedges which overhang the pavement but its also vital that the council tackle all bushes on their property”.

If you know of an area where overhanging branches are a problem please let your Lib Dem councillors know.

Vandals damage sapling on Radnor Drive

Cllr Sue McGuire inspects the broken sapling at the bottom of Radnor Drive near the junction with Fleetwood Road.

Sue says “The Lib Dem team have reported this location and hope that the tree will be replaced during the next planting system. I have also asked that any replacement tree is provided with more protection to prevent any future damage.”

Tidying up at the Marine Lake

Your local Lib Dem Councillors were dismayed recently on a visit to the Marine Lake.

As councillor Sue McGuire explained “I was shocked by the amount of litter around the lake so I asked Leisure Services to tidy up the area. I also asked for a new bin and am very pleased to see 2 new bins have been installed. There are now 6 bins from the Promenade steps to the Vitalise site so I hope we can keep on top of litter here if everyone uses the bins provided although a lot of the litter is debris from the swans or windblown from other areas of the lake.

Sue added “I know there are plans to regenerate this area but this depend very much on funding becoming available.”

*The top corner of the land around the Marine Lake is privately owned having been given away by Southport Conservatives in 1972. In 2007 local Lib Dem Councillors Sue McGuire and Carmel Preston challenged the owner of the land to move an incorrectly placed fence , they also worked to get the removed so that the path around the lake was re-instated.

Shocking Service Charges

Unfair service charges and forced insurance contracts are just two of the issues raised by leaseholders recently in a series of meetings hosted in Southport by John Pugh MP and the Leasehold Advisory Service. As John Pugh explained “With the collapse in the housing market many management companies are feeling the pinch and putting the squeeze on their residents.”
Your Lib Dem team are asking anybody who lives in a flat or apartment or sheltered accommodation to get in touch if they have a similar problem or experience.

For more details on this issue please visit the web site of John Pugh MP

Operation Night Safe in Southport Town Centre

Cllr Sue McGuire spent several hours on a Saturday night out with police in Southport town centre recently.

As Sue explains “Southport has a very lively night time economy and I wanted to see how Operation NightSafe operated. It was great to see the police as a very visible presence in the area around West Street/Waverely Street. It was also good to see the street pastors out in the town centre doing a great job in situations which are not suitable for police officers. I hope to go out with the police again over the Christmas period.”

Home Improvments by One Vision Housing

A number of One Vision Housing residents have been in touch with your Lib Dem Team to raise concerns about the home improvements currently being undertaken by contractors on behalf of One Vision Housing.

As Councillor Carmel Preston explains “People have reported windows that don’t shut, gutter that has been replaced on a non-OVH property, damaged wallpaper and pipes left un-covered. We have taken these issues up with One Vision and will report back as soon as we can.

If you have had any problems like this with One Vision Housing please contact your Lib Dem Team on 536438.

Tarmac welcomed at car park

Cllr Sue McGuire is delighted at the new tarmac laid down by the Council at the entrance to the car park at the former Sand winning car park.
As Sue explains “Although I’ve had work done here before the holes keep reappearing so it made sense to ask the council to put some tarmac down when they were resurfacing Marine Drive recently. I think this will make a real difference to the very many people who regularly use this car park area.

Major Push for new Street Nameplates

Your LibDem have spearheaded a campaign to bring local street nameplates up to scratch. They have agreed to use £1,700 of Cambridge Ward’s ‘Street Scene’ Budget to replace missing and damaged street signs throughout our area.
Cllr Sue McGuire cycled around to identify sites where replacement signs are needed. Sue also found out that street nameplates on garden walls cost only a third of the price of free-standing ones.
Roads now due to get replacement street nameplate signs include: Albany Road, Alexandra Road, Allerton Road, Avondale Road North, Bakers Lane, Bank Nook, Cambridge Road, Churchill Avenue, Court Road, Gordon Street, Hilbre Drive, Lathom Road, Manx Janes Lane, Park Avenue, Park Crescent, Queens Road and Salcombe Drive.
If you know of any damaged or missing street signs in our area please let your Lib Dem Team know.