Friday, 4 September 2009

Fly tipping on Coyford Drive

Councillor Sue McGuire investigates flytipped rubbish on the walkway from Coyford Drive to Fylde Road removed.

Following this, Sue met the manager of the Street Cleansing Team at the site to show him the extent of fly tipping taking place and get the black bags and dead tree branches removed.

As Sue explains
"Fly tipping is illegal and it really impacts on how people feel about their area. The Cleansing Team have cleared it however I have also passed this to the Environmental Protection Team so that they can monitor the area and investigate further should any future fly tipping happen here."
Please let your Lib Dem Team know if you have problems with fly tipping in your area.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Graffiti removed in Elswick Road

Your Liberal Democrat Councillors have been working with the police, the Community Safety and the Environmental Protection teams from Sefton Council over the summer to get things done in the Elswick Road area.

Cllr Sue McGuire is pictured with
an area cleaned of graffiti

Your Lib Dem Councillors working with the Police have also had the Community Payback Team working to remove graffiti in the area. This has proved very successful and will be something that other areas will be making use of.

So far the Saturday Skips have been present on three occasions to allow residents to get rid of any rubbish too large for the grey wheelie bins. The hope is that the Community Skips will also reduced the amount of fly-tipping in the area.

Finally Councillor Sue McGuire met with the Street Cleansing Team to ask then to make a special effort to "spring clean" the area taking extra care to clean the walkways and this work will continue.

As Councillor Sue McGuire explained
"This has been a great example of different departments and agencies working together to make improvements to an area."
In addition to this, Marshside School will be installing an addition CCTV camera which will provide coverage of the car park adjacent to the school. This car park has been the site of anti-social behaviour and graffiti in the past and it is hoped that this CCTV will put a stop to these activities. Your Lib Dem councillors have provided 50% of the funding for this camera from their ward budget.

Councillor Carmel Preston added
"If anybody thinks that their area would benefit from this kind of joined up approach then please do get in touch with us."