Monday, 22 February 2010

Taking action to make Fylde Road safer.

Residents of Fylde Road have welcomed the news that a sign warning drivers of their speed will be installed on this busy road. This follows action by local councillor Sue McGuire.

As Sue explains; "Speeding traffic has been a problem here for many years and even though there have been two serious accidents involving pedestrians the council say it does not meet the necessary criteria for them to take action so I decided to take action myself. I looked at other options to make the road safer and I believe that this sign will make a difference although I will still be pushing for a fully operational toucan crossing.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Plastics & Cardboard Recycling

Many people across Southport have raised the issue of plastic and cardboard kerbside recycling, specifically when it will be available.

Your Cambridge ward team are therefore very pleased to direct our readers to the blog of our collegues in Meols Ward where Councillor David Tatterall the Liberal Democrat cabinet member for the Environment on Sefton Council has logged a very important story on the future of recycling in the borough.

Avondale Road Update

Your Lib Dem Team can now report that a private individual has purchased the property at 43 Avondale Road. Currently no plans have been submitted for the redevelopment of this address however your local ward councillor Sue McGuire will continue to work with residents in the area to monitor this.

Frost Pothole Legacy

The recent very cold weather has left a legacy of potholes throughout our area which your Lib Dem team are trying to get repaired as quickly as possible. Councillors Sue McGuire and Carmel Preston are joining MP John Pugh in calling on the council to take emergency action before potholes opened up by the ice and snow damage residents cars.
As Sue explains “We need a highway rapid response team as the recent damage caused by the bad weather cannot wait for routine maintenance. Emergency repairs are called for in many places before anymore damage is done to cars. These are exceptional times and we need an exceptional response.”

It may be that in some of the worst places there is a history of poor maintenance but some surfaces are so poor now, the problem needs to be sorted in days not weeks. The effect on traffic is not only damaging but potentially dangerous.

Water penetrates the cracks/crazing evident in any aged carriageway and then freezes under sub zero temperatures. The expanded ice formation then places significant pressure on the adjacent bituminous surface, which then starts to break up, with potholes forming. Further freeze/thaw patterns then exacerbate the problem at individual locations.

Potholes have been reported on Park Avenue, Knowsley Road, Leicester Street, Manchester Road, Queens Road, Marshside Road, Park Road West, Roe Lane and Garstang Road
If you are aware of any potholes which need repairing please let us know or alternatively your can report the site on-line at

Vince Cable MP visits Southport

Dr Vince Cable, described as ‘the most trusted man in politics’ has been welcomed to Southport by the town’s MP, John Pugh.

The Liberal Democrat deputy leader and Shadow Chancellor was here to meet with Southport business owners, and discuss how the recession is affecting the local economy. Members of Southport’s business community were keen to hear about Lib Dem plans to take Britain out of recession, and to tell Dr Cable how the current economic climate is affecting small and medium sized businesses in Southport.

Commenting on his visit to Southport, Dr Cable said “It was good to meet so many representatives from Southport’s diverse business community, and to answer their questions on the local and national economy”.

Action on Street Flooding

There has been an on-going problem with water gathering in the street gulley at the junction of Alexandra Road and Albert Road and although the water has been visited a number of times by council staff with the surface water being “drawn off” the carriageway, the problem has remained. The latest request for action by Cllr Sue McGuire has prompted the drainage team to undertake further investigation of the area using CCTV.
As a result it has been established that there is a blockage caused by invading tree roots. Work to clear this has now been undertaken.

Work is also scheduled to take place shortly to correct the drainage problem along Fleetwood Road

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Request for better gritting at our schools

A local Lib Dem councillor has called for Sefton Council to review its current policy which is not to grit near schools in icy weather. Councillor Sue McGuire raised her concerns at the 3 Feb meeting of Southport Area Committee.

The Area Committee had before it a report on the “Winter Service” following concerns expressed about road conditions in early January. However the report makes clear (para 1.9) that Sefton’s policy is “not to accede to requests for additional gritting at locations which do not form part of the approved gritting routes.”

“The problem is that most schools are not on the approved gritting routes,” explained Cllr McGuire.“It is only if the school happens to be on a main road that the gritters will cover the approaches to the school however even then this does not include gritting on the pavements. For example, Marshside Primary School, one of the schools in my ward is on the gritting route however the lack of gritting on the pavement meant some children were kept off school because many parents felt that getting their children to school was too dangerous during the snow and ice.”

Sue added “I am glad that the Area Committee have backed my call for the Council to be asked to look again at the current approved gritting routes. I have suggested that the roads and pavements closely surrounding most or all schools could and should be added to the list.”

The report on “Winter Service” to the 3 February Southport Area Committee can be found here:$

Working to Improve Our Grass Verges

Your Lib Dem Councillors have raised a the issue of the management of grass verges in our area: when they are cut or not, why the cuttings are not collected and why some areas are not included as part of the standard litter picking schedule.

Areas of particular concern include the grassed in the following locations
Seaton Way/Coyford Drive & Salcombe Drive,
the verges on Threlfalls Lane, Marshside Road & Marine Drive,
the embankments at Rawlinson Road & Parklands and
maintenance of the corner at Court Road & North Street.

If you would like more information on the above or if you would like another area included please get in touch with your Lib Dem Team.