Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Taking a walk on the green side - DAY 1

I broke the news to the family last night that we are now going greener.  As I suspected my plan was met with a certain amount of derision - my husband looked slightly puzzled and then smiled in a positive manner. Child number 1 nodded in a rather sagely way having experienced some of my other more radical initiatives and said with a sigh in his voice "Whatever you say, Mum".  Child number 2 however, dealt with the suggestion in a less welcoming manner with dark mutterings which included phrases such as "if you think I'm walking, my bike has a flat tyre and as a final shot "what about my warm towels".

So onto day 1 of the new greener (and hopefully leaner) McGuire clan.  Children off to school, dog walked no problem.  Then off to a meeting with Sefton NHS to discuss children's health services in Southport and Formby.  Normally I would drive to Bootle and use the time to catch up on phone calls (hands free of course) but today I chose to cycle to the train station, travel with my bike to Bootle and then cycle to my meeting.  I made a rather dramatic entrance to the meeting declaring rather smugly that I had cycled to the meeting.  This smugness was quickly lost when I was forced to admit that I had in fact only pedalled about 1.5 miles. But the blood was pumping and I felt good. Journey home was of less interest apart from the fact that I was very cold and much less jubilant.

Miles NOT driven 40
Miles Cycled 3


  1. Sue

    No wonder people don't go into politics when there are people like neil craig posting such vile personal stuff on your Cambridge ward blog. Keep up the good work for our community and town. We need caring people like you.

  2. By keeping mouse's lie you make it quite obvious you are censoring & that you find it simply impossible to dispute anything you are accused of.

    By censoring in the Nazi cause you make it clear that you can never calim to be a "liberal" without probing yourself wholly & completely dishonest.